About Me

Throughout my life, in my career and on my land, I have worked to understand issues, find solutions, and restore health and balance.

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My Childhood & Roots

At a young age, I learned the value of hard work, the importance of good health, and the need for natural resource conservation. I was born and raised on the high plains of Texas with a vast horizon, a vegetable garden, and a dark, star-filled sky. My parents were both children of South Texas farmers displaced by the Great Depression; my dad was the courthouse janitor and my mom worked in the school cafeteria. I was fortunate to have received loving encouragement from them and many people along the way to pursue my goals and dreams.





My Career as a Physician

I moved to the Rogue Valley in 1986 and served as a physician in Medford until I retired in 2016. My medical career began in 1975 with a desire to address health care needs for women of all ages  and an appreciation for the complex subtleties of wellness and illness. This evolved into a passion for reparative surgery, restoring function, health, and balance to patients' bodies in need of repair, for 18 years. When caring for my patients and their families, I discovered early on that active listening and open, accessible communication are vital.





My Life as a Farmer-Rancher

Thirty-three years ago, my family and I bought 445 acres of forested land in Jackson County where together we built Willow-Witt Ranch. Goats are the basis of our dairy operation; we also produce eggs, meats, and vegetables that we market locally. Our small farm is part of the Southern Oregon tourism industry with overnight farm stay accommodations. We are proud of the forest management practices and wetland restoration projects that have enhanced the health of the soil, water and wildlife, and we earned Jackson County's 2007 Tree Farmers of the Year for our long-term stewardship and education.




My Future as Your County Commissioner

My experience gives me a unique ability to serve the needs of Jackson County residents.

  • As a physician, I listen carefully, consider all options, and make thoughtful, wise decisions

  • As a landowner, I seek robust health and enduring viability of natural and financial resources

  • As a business owner, I promote the wellbeing of my employees and our community

  • As a County Commissioner, I will bring these skills and values to public service for you and your family